How what we do can help You

Feb 26, 2024By Andrews Electrics Limited
Andrews Electrics Limited

Here at Andrews Electrics Limited we offer a vast range of services to all of our customers. Making us the one stop shop for your electrical needs. 

Like here at Tennyson Lodge, Oxford. 

We help our Client by giving them the best workmanship, Knowledge and Skill in ensuring there tenants are safe by maintaining there systems to the highest standards. 

The Systems we maintain here

• The Fire Alarm System 

• The Emergency Lighting 

• The Door Entry System 

• Automatic Opening Smoke Vents 

• Portable Fire Extinguishers

• Communal Electrical System 

• Residential Appartments Electrical System 

• Roller Shutter Doors 

We are able to provide all these services in house due to a highly skilled and Experienced Team. 

If you need our help Call us Today to discuss your requirements.