Fire Safety Systems

Andrews Electrics Limited have fully Qualified Fire Safety Professionals with all relevant accreditations to carry out all aspects of Electrical Installation Services within the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sectors. 

We offer industry-leading Fire Safety services with dependable quality and exceptional value. A range of services to minimise the threat of fire.

Our aim it to Protect your Life and Property. 

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Nationwide Fire Protection Services

A serious fire can be absolutely catastrophic. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. 

Andrews Electrics Limited are committed to protecting your business from every angle, from mitigating electrical fires to servicing your fire alarms. Our priority is ensuring that your premises is compliant with fire regulations and electrical standards in your industry.  Our fire safety services will not compromise on quality of delivery and diligence of work. Yet we’re still able to provide our fire safety services for unbeatable prices. 

We’re more than just a supplier of choice for the Fire Safety needs of 1000’s of businesses up and down the country, we are complete peace of mind. Safe to say, our certified engineers have it all covered. We employ BAFE qualified and FIA trained engineers who are as good as they get, so you can be absolutely certain that our service standards won’t fall short. Not for anything.

Fire Safety Systems provided by Andrews Electrics Limited

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

We offer professional installations and repairs on all types of fire alarms ranging from conventional stand-alone analogue systems to large scale open protocol addressable systems sometimes covering several buildings.

Fire Safety Law states the responsible person named in your risk assessment for Fire Safety must make arrangements for the maintenance of your Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Systems.

In accordance with Fire Safety Law, Fire Alarms must be inspected and tested by a competent Fire Alarm servicing organisation over a 12 month period. Maintenance visits should be no more than six months apart (requiring a minimum of 2 x visits per annum)

We also have maintenance programs set up by our internal logs, which allows for your system to be serviced correctly without worry of exceeding the recommended service interval requirements.

Fire alarm services:

Fire Alarm Installation to BS5839:1/ 2017 and BS5839:6/2019

Commercial & Residential Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Two-wire Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable & Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Fault Finding

Routine Fire Alarm Servicing

FREE Fire Alarm Estimates & Surveys

Consultancy Service

Planned Maintenance


Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

We provide one of the most professional and extensive fire extinguisher services around.

There are a wide range of reasons why fire extinguisher services are so important. For example, each year fire extinguishers save the U.K economy over £500 million and prevent over 1,500 injuries. Fire extinguishers successfully extinguish the fire in over 80% of instances.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is the law book that governs all fire services and details who is responsible if things go wrong. We make sure that this never happens to our customers by making sure that you are fully aware of your duties and ours.

Alongside the work completed we will provide a full status report and location list of your fire extinguisher equipment. After each service, we will break down clearly the condition of your fire extinguishers, their condition and any recommendations we feel you would benefit from.

All of our fire extinguisher service engineers have successfully completed an examination in the Theory and Practice of Servicing Portable Fire Extinguishers and all of our engineers are singularly committed to working within a strict code of conduct, to the highest professional standard and in accordance with fire extinguisher servicing law. 

If you’re looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and reliable fire extinguisher service near me, whose prices you can rely on then look no further than Andrews Electrics Limited.

Our annual Fire Extinguisher Service includes:

Checking all fire extinguisher parts such as: valves, safety devices, gauges, and operating mechanisms.
Checking internally and externally for corrosion
Checking the weight is within the stated range
Compiling a maintenance report or ’Certificate of Inspection’ – a legal record of the maintenance carried out on the fire extinguishers to be kept by the customer and engineer.
We pride ourselves on being able to save 99% of businesses money on their fire extinguisher service. Our costs are fully inclusive so you won’t be charged any additional hidden extras. If you’re looking for a highly trained, reputable fire extinguisher service company to make sure you’re in line with fire extinguisher servicing regulations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

For everything you need to know about emergency lighting; whether it’s installation, testing or maintenance and servicing, Andrews Electrics Limited has considerable expertise with local qualified engineers right across the UK.

Emergency lights are designed and installed to illuminate exits or exit routes in the event of power outages, accidents, fires and failures to the lighting systems. 

It is law that all commercial buildings, HMOs, factories & warehouses must be fitted with emergency lighting and The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that emergency lighting must be fully tested at least once per year for commercial and industrial buildings by a fully qualified engineer.

Regular testing ensures a safe passage should the building need to be evacuated. At Andrews Electrics Limited we’re the electrical safety experts and we will test and ensure the correct working of all emergency lighting systems in any business type.  

Andrews Electrics Limited are specialists for emergency light testing and installation and have engineers nationwide. Whatever the size of building or location we are here to help. We test emergency lights in all different settings and industries, from schools to commercial offices and retail premises. Our services include:

Luminaire duration testing

Cleaning of diffusers

Battery charging functional check

Supply of test results and/or log books

Supply and fitting of emergency exit directional signs

Advice on any improvements required

Insurance approved certification

Emergency light testing can be scheduled as a one-off compliance check or as part of an ongoing programme of testing and certification. Andrews Electrics Limited can provide remedial works and fixes where necessary, along with all the required emergency light test certification.

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Fire Phones & Disabled Refuge Systems

Fire Phones & Disabled Refuge Systems

Accessible Systems

The majority of buildings nowadays require accessibility systems to assist in an emergency scenario. Andrews Electrics Limited provide fire telephone & disabled refuge systems (also known as Emergency Voice Communication or EVC Systems).

With years of installing both fire telephone & disabled refuge systems, Andrews Electrics knows the requirements needed by both the British standards and its customers and their life safety systems across multiple projects regardless of size and stature. Through its dedicated sales and design team we offer the following of fire telephone & disabled refuge systems:




Test and commission

Service and maintenance

In addition to the disabled refuge systems, Andrews Electrics also offers accessible toilet alarms. These systems can be incorporated into our range of fire telephone & disabled refuge system. However, should the project be smaller, then standalone accessible toilet alarm systems are also available through our design and sales team.

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Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

Research suggests that in an emergency, people are more likely to react to human speech than an alarm signal. So, a Public Address Voice Alarm system (otherwise known as a PAVA system) is a simple and effective way to quickly broadcast information during a fire, bomb alert or other emergency. As part of our complete fire protection service, the experts at Andrews Electrics can advise you on choosing a PAVA system, as well as providing installation and ongoing maintenance by expert technicians.

Most voice alarm systems are scalable, so they can be used for sectors and industries of all sizes, from one-storey buildings to large structures such as exhibition halls. PAVA systems can be of particular benefit in larger buildings and spaces, such as:

Leisure complexes


Shopping centres



Selecting, designing and commissioning a suitable voice alarm system can be complicated, but the fire protection experts at Andrews Electrics can offer professional advice.

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