Security Systems

Andrews Electrics Limited have fully Qualified Secuirty System Professionals with all relevant accreditations to your Security needs at Home, Office or Factory. 

We offer industry leading Fire Safety services with dependable quality and exceptional value. A range of services to minimise the threat to you.

Our aim it to Protect your Assets and Property. 

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Nationwide Providers of Security Systems

With Crime being ever more common in these current times, it make sense to have your property and assets protected by Andrews Electrics Limited. 

Andrews Electrics Limited have been providing peace of mind since 2015 by protecting businesses and homes. we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the personal touch and exceptional customer service you deserve. No matter how sophisticated and complex your requirements, Amdrews Electrics Limited can design, install and integrate a high-quality security system to meet your expectations. 

With a wide range of security solutions available for your home or business, including CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and gate automation, we make securing your home or business is hassle-free. Not only can we supply your chosen security system, but our expert security team are able to assist with the installation and maintenance too, ensuring your domestic or commercial property is protected at all times

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Security Systems provided by Andrews Electrics Limited

Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems are an effective solution to the threat of intrusion, theft, or vandalism on your premises. Andrews Electrics Limited offers a range of systems that include control equipment, detection devices, and audio-visual alert devices.

Not only will intruder alarms alert you if Intruders are detected, but recognisable external Bell boxes are also a practical deterrent for would-be criminals, making alarms incredibly effective intruder prevention systems.

Intruder alarms give you a strong first line of defence before even making a sound, discouraging individuals from not wanting to trigger an alarm that will draw unwanted attention to themselves.

andrews Electrics Limited also have a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) enabling us to offer monitored intruder alarm systems, conserved continuously to provide 24/7 security support if your alarms are triggered.  

CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

Andrews Electrics Limited offers complete CCTV solutions to cater for all your video surveillance needs.
As a leading camera installation company, Andrews Electrics Limited can deliver a comprehensive package of CCTV products and services to give you the confidence that your full CCTV system, whether it be for a domestic residence or business CCTV is being handled by a team of dedicated experts. 

From basic cameras and video management to thermal imaging technology and facial recognition software, the scope of CCTV solutions is broad. Beyond CCTV installation, the continual innovation of strategic security solutions is something Andrews Electrics Limited are committed to developing and delivering.

There are several solutions Andrews Electrics Limited CCTV installers and engineers have the expertise to offer.

Door Entry and Access Control Systems

Door Entry and Access Control Systems

Monitoring security on your premises is essential for the safety and well-being of residents or employees.  

Audio video door entry systems allow residents or employees to authenticate the identity of persons looking to enter the premises through visual or voice confirmation.

They are often used in residential apartment complexes, and on business premises including multi-site or single-site facilities. Audio video entry systems are incredibly versatile, Andrews Electrics Limited offer any size of system from a single door to multiple systems on one site or multiple sites, to a multi dwelling residential apartment complex.  

Often used alongside other access control systems, audio video door entry systems offer a time efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your premises is secure from any unauthorised persons.